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An object of freedom, synonymous with summer and beaches, the kite has existed for more than two thousand years.


With nearly a billion practitioners on earth, this object gathers, binds and provokes the reverie of the user by a poetic gesture, a magic link that we maintain with the sky.


Unfortunately today when you buy a kite it stays the same all your life.

Impossible to enlarge, transform and even change its colors.


The KiteLab has therefore revolutionized these standards by inventing a construction game specially dedicated to kites.


The KiteLab, the cell kite manufacturing laboratory offers a range of simple and highly scalable aerodynes as they are customizable.


The purpose of this structure is to involve the user in the construction of his kite.


Making aerodynes as a kit allows users to take control of their kite, that is to say, enlarge, choose and change the colors, make it evolve according to the wind and their desires.


The masterpieces of this building game are connectors imagined in design studies.


Made thanks to 3D printing, they are made of ABS which gives them very high impact resistance. Ingenious in their shape and finesse, these connectors overlap to increase the size of the kite.


By its simplicity of execution, this game calls not only to the construction, but also to the experimentation and the infinite transformation of kites, always dominated by this desire for personalization.


For beginners a wide range of kites are available. For the most motivated, several kits can be assembled allowing a wide choice of constructions.


Over 70 forms of kites have been built and have flown, so what will be yours?


For a request for specific sails, with personalized patterns for example, please contact the kitelab:

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